Our Future

Integral goals include but are not limited to:

1. Being in the top five of renewable energy generation co-operatives in Ontario, Canada.

2. Incorporating the newest/best programs and providing the highest quality products available to, for AMBER members and the communities in which they live to be as energy efficient as possible.

3. Keeping our members informed of upcoming new technologies and the events available to learn about state of the art technologies in our field. Advancing to utility scale projects.

4. Tapping of Bioenergy.


Mission Statement

The Co-operative will strive to provide the highest service possible when it comes to renewable energy generation, traditional energy conservation and making the power we use as efficient as possible through power management opportunities. Through our core values and with continuous improvement, the Co-operative will have the communication, the members, the partnerships and the capital required to achieve our goals. Superior management capacities and quality manufacturing partners result in assurance to meet our goals.