About Us


AMBER is a for-profit co-operative with the goal of growing community-based green energy generation in Ontario by engaging residents and investors in projects that offer financial, social and environmental returns. AMBER Energy Co-operative is composed of farmers and rural land-owners in Elgin County. Current membership is 85 and growing.

AMBER Co-operative was created to provide an avenue for members of the local rural and agricultural community to participate successfully in the OPA FIT programs. The initial focus was on rooftop solar installations and operations. Future developments are also directed at bio and hydro generation, large procurements and other opportunities that present.

AMBER offices are located in Central and East Elgin. The mailing address is P.O. Box 191 Station Main, Aylmer, ON N5H 2R9.

AMBER Energy Co-operative is composed of farmers and rural land-owners in Elgin County. Currently membership is 85 and growing. The Co-operative was formed to enable the members of our rural and agricultural community to participate in the FIT Program by building and managing renewable energy generation systems. The initial focus is on the installation and operation of rooftop solar panels, but the Coop is exploring opportunities for bio-energy. Energy conservation and reducing the costs of energy are also integral parts of our focus.


As a grass-roots co-operative, AMBER Energy Co-operative leases the space required for its rooftop solar panels exclusively from its members. It also intends to raise all of the equity for its project from Cooperative members and other members of the local community. AMBER has begun building these systems through equity generated from our membership and through debt financing that AMBER has available for its needs. Once the systems are installed, AMBER will generate electricity and manage these systems through a management group for the term of the 20 year contracts.

AMBER Energy Co-operative has future aspirations to become actively engaged in the production of other renewable sources. Investigations have already been initiated in biomass and bio-fuel operations for this area. Cattle, swine and poultry operations certainly have ample raw product. Net metering and possible partnering with the Ontario Police College (OPC), with land right across the road that is presently nonviable for agriculture is an opportunity waiting. Purchase Power Agreements (PPA) and partnering with other large electrical users in the area is an option to be further reviewed. Other established industries like Noroxel Energy Ltd. and IGCP Ethanol Inc. support local farm operations in Elgin to meet energy needs of the future. All this makes for a potential Elgin County energy hub.